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Building & Pest Inspection FAQ's

Please browse through our frequently asked questions below:

Why do I need a building & pest inspection?

Getting a building inspection and a pest inspection is similar to getting a mechanic to take a look at a used car before you purchase. We know what we're looking for and the most common faults that might exist with a property. We will thoroughly inspect the property you are looking to purchase without bias and use our years of experience and specialised equipment to make sure you put your money into a solid investment.

Do I really need an inspection for a new house? It's a new house the builders should get it right.

Most definitely. A handover inspection protects you from shoddy workmanship and builders who might cut corners. Plus it protects you in the future if you decide to sell your house. You wouldn't want to have to spend hundreds or thousands fixing a problem that was the result of someone else's poor construction techniques would you? In the scheme of things, out laying a few hundred dollars for the assurance that your new house was built right is definitely worth it.

Can I do the inspection?

Sure you can BUT will you be objective? Do you have the years of experience a qualified building inspector has? Do you have specialised tools such as thermal imaging cameras? If you do then you can go ahead but if not you should contact us for building and pest inspections.

Is a building inspection like a warranty for the property?

No, unfortunately a building and pest inspection holds no form of warranty in regards to repair or maintenance of the property after it is carried out. A building inspection is an examination of the properties current condition. It is up to you to approach the seller in regards to repairing any defects found during the inspection before you sign any contracts.

The report came back with problems, should I still buy the property?

We won't tell you to buy or not to buy the property. A building report is purely observational and not a "pass or fail" report. We can give our advice and opinion in regards to the seriousness of the faults we find and give a rough idea of potential costs and action required to fix faults based on our experience but it is no guarantee.

When will I receive my Building & Pest Reports?

Same day reports are available upon request, otherwise reports will be emailed to you within 24 hours. - see a sample building report

How do I receive my reports?

Your reports will be emailed upon completion & the hard copy can be posted thereafter upon request.

How do I make a booking?

Simply book your inspection online or call 1800-000-848.

When do I pay for the reports?

At the time of making your booking, this ensures the speedy release of your building and pest reports and enables you to discuss the reports with inspectors should you attend.

How much will the reports cost?

After property details are obtained including the area, size of the building/ property and urgency of the service a quotation is supplied immediately with an average home costing around $420.00 for a combined building & pest inspection.

Find out how much different building & pest inspections cost.

Do you do pool safety inspections?

Report Direct have fully insured inspectors that are qualified to carry out pool fence safety inspections.

Please Note: We do not actually inspect your pool or pool-related issues including the chlorinator, pool pump, filters and so forth. You will need to hire a pool expert for this.

Is the Company licensed?

Reports Direct is a fully licensed company. Bellara Holdings PTY Ltd, BSA 1057602. All reports are governed by Australian industry standards for building inspections AS4349.1 and pest inspections AS4349.3.

Is the Company insured?

Reports Direct is a fully insured company. We insure with QBE Insurance.

Can I talk with the inspectors?

Yes, all inspectors are available to discuss the contents of their reports with the owner/s of the reports.

Do I have to arrange access (with the agent/vendor) for the inspections?

No, liaising with the agent/vendor is taken care of & you will then be notified of the inspection time.

Can I be present during the inspection?

Yes, you are encouraged to be present on the day of inspection if possible.

What type of reports are available?

At Reports Direct we provide the following services: Building inspections, Termite inspections, Special purpose reports, Hand-over reports, Commercial & Dilapidation reports and Asbestos Audits.

What is a Building Inspection report?

A building report is seen as an integral part of any purchase of a home. The inspector will comment on Structural damage & conditions conducive to structural damage as well as any defects in the condition of Secondary and Finishing Elements to the property.

What is a Pest Inspection Report?

A timber pest inspection entails a timber pest inspector completing a full visual inspection of all accessible areas of a property for the presence of active termites and/or termite damage, wood borer activity and damage & fungal decay in wood. The results in the report include conducive conditions to termite attack, risks & recommendations for termite management options.