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Pest inspection under house

Termites, wood borers and wood decaying fungi (rotting wood) cause large amounts of damage to homes each year and can be difficult to detect without experience and the right equipment.

Visual pest inspections are carried out to the exterior of the building and immediate surrounding property (including fences and retaining walls), all accessible internal rooms, roof void and sub floor (where applicable).

Our pest and termite inspections in Gold Coast are carried out by fully licensed and insured pest inspectors, with an average pest inspection taking approximately 60 minutes. This is to ensure that all accessible areas of the property are thoroughly checked for the presence of any any active termites or pests, termite damage as well as any conditions within the property that are conducive to a termite attack.

The most common pests found during our pest inspections are termites, wood borers and fungal decay - find out more about each below:


Termites are one of the single most damaging agents on a Gold Coast property and often the visual prescence of their activity can mean that the damage done is already quite extensive. Due to the economic significance of termites, evidence of termite activity within 50m of any building demands for a more extensive and detailed termite inspection to be performed.

If there is an active infestation detected the species of termite also needs to be determined before taking further action, which can save you significant amounts of money and without a professional termite inspection from Reports Direct you might find yourself paying for unnecessary and expensive treatments.

Wood Borers

There are 5 types of Australian wood borers that are most often found in the timber of houses. There are borers which are relatively harmless to house timbers and will either need no treatment or a basic treatment. Other types of borers are far more serious and a thorough pest inspection to Australian Standards should be carried out when purchasing any property. This way you can be made aware of any wood borer infestations and also identify the species of wood borer so that further action can be recommended, prior to purchasing the property.

Fungal Decay

Termite Damage found during pest inspection

Fungal decay in timber can be extremely serious to the structural integrity of a home or building you are looking to purchase. Structural timbers in a building can be affected to the point of failure in some cases which obviously presents a dangerous and sometimes invisible fault with the property. A full pest inspection should be carried out by a qualified inspector to determine the prescence of fungal decay in any potential property you are looking to purchase so that further recommendations can be made.

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The Timber Pest Inspector will use instruments recognised by Australian Standards AS4349.3. (moisture meter, acoustic tapper) to aid in the detection of active termites and, or the discovery of Termite damage.

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