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Gold Coast Pool Safety Inspections

Queenslander's love their pools. With our sub-tropical climate, its no wonder that well over 280,000 households* in Queensland have a private swimming pool on the premises. Unfortunately this has tragically resulted in backyard pools being the leading cause of death of children aged 1 to 4 years old. This could be easily prevented by following the correct precautions on pool safety and fences to ensure the family swimming pool remains a safe place.

What many home owners don't realise is that new pool safety laws have been introduced in Queensland over the past two years, replacing 11 different pool safety standards that existed before 2009 with one safety standard - the Queensland Development Code, Mandatory Part 3.4. While this will have little effect on new swimming pools being built, homes with existing pools will however need to be inspected by one of our licensed pool safety inspectors to make sure they meet the new safety standards.

Why some pools fail a safety inspection

Some of the most common issues that our pool safety inspectors see when conducting a mandatory pool inspection include (but aren't limited to) the following:

Before a pool safety inspection

To save you money (and our inspectors time), you can perform these simple checks and rectify any issues before a pool safety inspection is carried out to make sure your pool fence meets the current standards first go and you can be issued with a Pool Safety Compliance Certificate.

Our pool inspections

Reports Direct is happy to help if you have any queries about your pool compliance - email us and send photos of any area that concerns you and we will contact you to discuss.

If one of our inspectors finds a defect on the day, you will need to pay for a re-inspection (from $110.00). Book your Gold Coast pool safety inspection today!

Pool safety laws - some facts

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